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Experience Confidence & Freedom
Be Empowered, Enabled, Focused, & Protected!

Be Empowered!

You and your team have 24/7 Cloud-Based Access from anywhere.
- Schedule patients from your hotel room in Maui!
- Monitor and Direct your operation from anywhere!

Be Enabled!

You want to provide the best Quality of Care you can to your patients and we enable you and your team to do just that!

Be Focused!

Role-Based Access means that each user sees only what they need to see. Keeping the team focused on exactly what they need to be focused on is one of the greatest talents of RestEZ™!

Be Protected!

RestEZ™ is an expert at HIPAA Compliance so you don't have to be!

Be Confident!

RestEZ™ tracks all necessary Credentials and Licensure for both employees and facilities and notifies you of those requiring attention.

Be Free!

Run your practice your way. RestEZ™ paints some broad outlines for you, but easily fits your unique style.

Do More with Less!

Be A Know-It-All

As your practice grows the amount of information you must keep track of seemingly grows twice as fast. It may seem impossible to know every detail you must know, but it's not.

With RestEZ™, no matter the size of your practice; from Referral to Billing to Compliance you will Know It All!

Work Smarter - Not Harder

We've all heard that before haven't we? It's a great concept, but is usually difficult to put into practice. But now you can...

RestEZ™ works Hard to make you Smart with powerful Practice Automation it enables you to do much more while working much less.

HIPAA & Credentialing Compliance is built right in... so Relax and Enjoy the Fruits of Much Less Labor.

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

We know the details of managing your practice can be overwhelming. And letting even one fall through the cracks could cost you money or worse!

But don't worry about it, RestEZ™ sweats every detail for you and brings them to the attention of the right person at just the right time... Every Time!

Helping People... Help People!

You got into your business to help people... We got into ours to help you accomplish that!

Cost Effective

RestEZ™ was designed to save you not only time, but money! Money that could help you grow your practice, reward your team members, put your kids through college, or take that trip to Maui!

You will get more done in less time & with less staff so you can do more without increasing cost!

Increase Efficiency

With RestEZ™ you only pay for your completed billable studies. This is our investment in you! If we don't make you more efficient, we don't get paid. Our reason for existing is to improve the quality of your patients' lives through improving the quality of your life!

RestEZ™ exists today because of our passion to help people help other people. It was born from an opportunity to work with a hard working group of people who were struggling every day in their quest to provide the best care they possibly could to their patients while building their businesses at the same time. Since then, those businesses have grown by 800% in two years!

We also understand that every practice is unique and special in at least one way. Which is why we genuinely invest ourselves into each of our clients' practices to be sure that we understand that uniqueness before selling them anything. If your practice isn't a good fit for RestEZ™ and we can't help you, we will recommend someone who can.

If the partnership is not mutually beneficial then it should not exist in the first place!

We have a passion for creating success stories like those we've created with our existing clients. And more importantly, we know and understand your passion for caring for people.

That's why we're here... to help you help them!

Well, we can't say for sure why you specifically are here right now. But we would guess it's that vacation in Maui that you really want to take! Or perhaps you've recognized that "there must be a better way"! If either of those are even close to the reason let's do a little case study shall we?

Our friends over at I Wish I Were In Hawaii Sleep were completing approximately 70 encounters per month with the Office Manager and Scheduler struggling mightily to keep up. Largely because they are spending most of their days, running from lab to lab picking up and dropping off paperwork, making sure that the charts are being properly filed and faxed to the appropriate doctors for interpretations, etc.... Not to mention the countless phone calls to and from their patients and insurance companies to schedule or certify AND reschedule or re-certify an appointment. So much busy work consumes their days, that by the end of each one, they both head for home feeling completely wiped out and unaccomplished.

Did you recognize that even though this company cannot physically accomplish any more than they are now doing, and are likely slowly killing their office manager and scheduler that are still missing more than half of the revenue potential that their business holds by only being able to help 70 patients a month? Revenue we might add that could easily be obtained through the use RestEZ™'s Sleep Practice Automation

How much would that mean to you?

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